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(April 2013)
  • RelMap integrates with!

  • RelMap Software presents "The Enron, al-Qaeda and Unabomber Analysis" on April 18th at the 2013 Forensecure conference in Wheaton Illinois.

  • (July 2012)
  • RelMap Software presents "The Enron and al-Qaeda Analysis" on July 19th at the Infragard and ATAP (Association of Threat Assesment Professionals) meeting in Chicago. Click here for venue and registration details.

  • (June 2012)
  • RelMap participates in Startup City at Techweek 2012 and was mentioned on WGN News

  • (April 2012)
  • Loren Steffy, a journalist for the Houston Chronicle blogs about RelMap Software, click here to read the full article...

  • RelMap Software presented "The Enron Analysis" at the 2012 Forensecure conference in Wheaton Illinois.

    Feedback on the presentation was great. Participants commented that the content was interesting and mind boggling when they saw how employee emotion can translate into behavior patterns that can identify white collar criminals!

    In our lifetime, we will see an explosion in the field of predictive analytics that goes beyond predicting purchasing patterns of consumers, we will see applications like RelMap help organizations better understand the employees...

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