Management & IT Consulting

with a focus on resiliency


Founded in 2010, the word RelMap means Relationship Map which is our passion for helping organizations achieve a better understanding of internal and external relationships.

RelMap® the application is a psycho linguistic tool that processes corporate communications to assess the health of employee relationships - it's an email eDiscovery application developed by RelMap Software.

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Fueled by our passion for understanding and mapping relationships, RelMap Consulting provides management leadership and oversight to create highly effective project teams. We hire seasoned managers that have the courage to ask "why are you doing what you're doing?"

We provide Project Managers and Program Managers that know how to keep project teams focused. Our consultants share a passion for understanding the role of psychology on project teams.

We assess project teams by measuring the team's resiliency score to predict if the team will accomplish their goals.

In some cases, we're asked to rescue a failing project where the solution may be obvious but too often the solution is more complex and involves making changes like putting the right heads in the right hats or determining if you're actually working on the right projects.

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